B: Magnetic Module

The Magnetic Module uses diagnostic signals sent from the measurement head of the device to perform magnetic diagnostics of steel-cord belt cores. An earlier upgrade of the EyeQ system’s diagnostics device, although its resolution was increased 6-fold (the number of measuring circuits was increased from 4 to 24), does not ensure sufficient resolution for the identification of events in the belt’s cross-section. State of the art devices offer more than 100 sensors across the belt, ensuring identification of any damage to individual cords. Therefore, a high-resolution measurement head was used (112 sensors) but its function is only to provide diagnostic signals informing about the change of the cords’ magnetic fields resulting from their damage. Automatic and intelligent interpretation (using adaptive, learning algorithms and artificial intelligence) is performed with own signal processing algorithms. The authors have extensive experience in this particular field, having researched automatic acquisition and interpretation of diagnostic vibration signals in mining machines, including gear systems and conveyor drive mechanisms.

HRDS System - implementation in lignite mine "Turów":



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