D: Prevention Module

 The Prevention Module uses images from the Vision Module and information from mechatronic sensors to prevent catastrophic damage of the belt that could result in emergency downtime. Cutsof the belt usually cause the change of its width. The width may decrease if the ripped elements overlap, or it may increase when the elements move apart, e.g. under the load of bulk material. Information about width change combined with information from the machine vision system and with signals from mechatronic sensors integrated with ABCDE system allows to send a variety of alarm codes (e.g. a text message) or even to preventively stop the conveyor before the rip develops and affects a significant length of the belt (sometimes the whole belt loop may be ripped). Such event would lead to huge financial losses due to high cost of the belt (1200 – 1400 pln/m) that needs to be replaced, the cost of removing spilled bulk material and the cost of bringing transport and production to a halt.



Schematic diagram of a rip detection test rig