A high-resolution automatic system for steel-cord core belt diagnostics was designed, built and launched at brown coal mine Turów in Bogatynia, division of PGE GiEK S.A.

The introduction of the new system into Turów mine brought the following advantages:

    The resolution was increased 6-fold (as compared to the previously used system), allowing for improved precision, detection and location of events,

    Damage and splice detection was automated,

    Core condition may be estimated faster,

    The device is easier to operate – the previous version was difficult in operation and the electronics were old and in bad technical condition,

    Assessment of belt condition is now possible directly on the conveyor,

    The system is now better adjusted to allow future modifications,

    It is now possible to check the quality of repairs and splices performed by external companies subcontracted by mines,

    Total operating time of belts increased (both new ones and those after 1st or 2nd regeneration), as the belts are now regenerated at a more precisely estimated time,

    The percentage of belts that qualify for regeneration also increased